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26/2/11- Raj Restaurant (Singapore)

76 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207655
Other Branches:  
Biopolis Way
Singapore 138668

Today, I decided to review Raj Restaurant, as this was the first night that I would use my idea of starting this blog. The ambience of the restaurant is very bright and welcoming. Its blue and yellow motifs on the walls represent a calmness as well as lots of cheerfulness and energy. Earth colours are chosen to represent brightness, and that’s what the atmosphere is all about. Many parents enjoy bringing their kids and they actually have a wild time with their own ‘bachcha’ (child) parties……

When it came down to ordering, there w
as so much to choose from out of the menu. From chaat to ‘roti subzi’ (bread and veggies), ‘idli’ (rice cakes), ‘dosais’ (savoury Indian crepes) and many more, I just could not make up my mind. Finally, when it came to the decision making, my family and I decided to order:

1.       Dahi Gol Gappa


        To begin with, I'd like to say that the dahi (yoghurt) was a bit sour, but it was complemented well with the chilli powder and the tamarind chutney. In general, I also think potato makes a great combination with wheat puris, especially if it has a lot of 'mirch masala' (spice)

2.       Pani Puri

This was the 2nd pani puri that I tasted and liked. The spices were great inside and were not as spicy as my family were finding it. Haha. That proves I’m not sensitive. A good filling as plain potatoes and little spice makes the puri really dull


     3. Dal Makhani

Personally, I thought the dal was very creamy and tasted a lot of butter. The aftertaste was of burnt spices, but the funny thing is I really do not know if it's bad or good. Maybe a bit of both :) The texture of the dal was very soft though, which ensured that it was cooked really perfectly.

       Tanduri Roti

It is a good choice of roti as it is light- no oil, butter etc, and some people who are brought up in Singapore enjoy the crispy and thin rotis, which are reminiscent of our 'roti pratas'.

5.       Lachcha Paratha
The lachcha paratha, like the tanduri roti, was also light, thin and crispy. Lachcha paratha is meant to have more butter- but it’s great for those who are weight watchers!

6.       Vegetable Makhanwalla
The vegetable makhanwalla was a great mixture of all flavours, i.e. veggies, spices and lots of cream! It gives a great balance for health.

7.       Chhole Bhature

The bhature was a little sweet. I enjoyed its fluffiness and softness, because I (unlike most Singaporeans) enjoy very chewy rotis. However, I found the chhole a little oily because in my house I am used to lighter methods of cooking. But I thought it was flavoured well, and had a great balance of onion, ginger etc. and dry spices.  
8.       Rava Masala Dosai
I think due to the time given for the rava dosai batter to ferment the dosai was a little sour. But I missed my dad who loves crispy dosais and used to come to Raj especially for the paper dosais. And I also love one more thing about the masala. I love the fact that they make it better than other places because there is more spice.

 9. Cheese ‘Saada’ (Plain) Dosai

When we ordered the cheese saada, I expected a cheese filled dosai, and not a cheese flavoured dosai. But when I tried it, I thought that cheddar cheese and lentils are the wrong combination- cheese made the dosai seem like there was something mixed up in it that was weird. My suggestion is that they should try putting the cheese as a filling (e.g. as a Mexican filling with capsicum or something). Another thing that upset me about this dish was that the dosai was not made crispy enough.

10.    Upma

The first time I remember having upma was in my childhood, which was just way too soft like porridge. I remember also throwing it up (pls don't laugh, friends). That's why for many years, I clearly avoided upma. However for the sake of this blog, I had to end up trying it. I found the texture was actually a little better than the upma  I tried in my childhood. But it was flavoured once again really well, but a little oily.

11.   Idli

Idli was just pure comfort food- it tasted really fresh and better than what we normally get outside. Sambar was a great dish to serve with it- gave it a warm feeling along with a lot of sweet and sour flavor.

Bill: Our amount along with rougly 8 drinks, came up to $120. I find that a little unreasonable because my budget for an individual dish should be about half the price- about $3. However, my family ordered in bulk, hence, it was reasonable.

Rating: 8.5/10
Why: While the masalas were maintained well in some of the dishes, in others it was either burnt or the flavouring and combination had some issues (i.e. the cheese ‘saada’ should have been called cheese flavoured saada, because I would have expected the dosai to have a cheese filling).  

But overall, the dishes were really great. Some of it was pure comfort food (the idli and chhole bhature). The chhole was creamy and it had a balance between onions, chillis, tomatoes etc. as well as dry spices. The sambar was served quite hot and sour like Chinese soup.

Raj is a great Indian vegetarian restaurant and it’s a great place for families!

* Note: Special thanks to Miss Tasha Moorjani for her picture contributions

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