Tuesday, 8 March 2011

5/2/11- Mondo Mio (Singapore)

Mondo Mio, a restaurant situated in Robertson Quay, establishes traditional Italian setting by having wine shelves and also the modern setting like a cafe. The atmosphere was very cheerful and the theme was blue and orange which contrasted well. It showcased a lot of energy in the theme. The atmosphere of the restaurant was slightly noisy though.

Mondo Mio features many perennial favourites, like pasta and pizza. But, it features a whole collection of gnocchi, which is pasta made from potatoes. It has a lot of vegetarian dishes and you also can receive a small set of herb bread and some olive antipasti, as well as some dip. The herb bread carries out a lot of crispiness and is very flavourful with the amount of herbs and butter.

When we went there, my family and I decided to order the:

1. Mushroom Risotto
This risotto bears 2nd place to Cafe 211 (in Holland Village) and most of us said that it was fantastic! I thought the rice was correctly textured, not too hard or soft. But the sauce was quite milky and not that creamy or thick. The mushroom was cooked so well, that it was actually soft. And the flavour of the herbs made it taste great.

2. Gnocchi with Mozzarella Sauce

I found that the gnocchi was a little upsetting, as I am not a fan of sweet dishes when they are meant to be a little savoury. But given that I had not tried gnocchi before and I would just do that in order to review it on my blog, I found that it was slightly sweet and a little too soft rather than al dente. However, the sauce was also quite cheesy which makes it a great dish for kids. The sweet flavour of the gnocchi and the cheesy sauce complement each other well, making it different and exotic. Gnocchi lovers would find the sauce extremely cheesy and the gnocchi extremely nutty, which could be enhanced with a little more salt.

3. Pizza Funghi

The pizza was a very enjoyable dish, probably one of the best pizzas ever! The dough was made just right, neither too soft nor too crunchy. But it had the right amount of crispiness as well. The cheese was the best part because it was not too stretchy, and it made the perfect combination with the sour tomato sauce. Yum!

(Special thanks to Mr. David M. for the courtesy of this picture)

4. Eggplant Parmegiano

I found this dish really nasty because I really hate eggplant. This is really funny because when I said that, my dad launched into a story about his spiritual master who also hated eggplant and whenever someone served it, he would say in Hindi, "Is this food?". (Haha, :-D) But I found the sauce really great, even though the cheese is very salty, like British cuisine cheese. I thought this dish would have been done better in bell peppers served with bread.

Bill: The bill came to $120 roughly, along with our four drinks (incl. 1 beer). I thought that after that amount of service, someone should expect that much. But I believe that the price could be lowered down.

Rating: 9.5/10

Why: I found that in this restaurant, the pizza was fantastic and so was the risotto. And the gnocchi is also worthy of complimenting because both sweet and savoury flavours worked well together. But the eggplant was disappointing. However, I think I'm going to come back to this place, no matter what, and maybe try a pasta.


  1. I've never been here but will check it out. The risotto, pizza n bread looks good.
    Noted yr honest comments.

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  3. The risotto for me, was the best that i had before, because it had just the rite amount of peeper, and also, the rice was awesome, not to mention the chessiness of the thingy... :D :D

  4. i meant pepper, not peeper!!!!!! and also, cheesiness, not chessiness. i do NOT like playing chess.....