Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cafe and Terrace @ Holiday Inn (Penang)

Cafe & Terrace
Holiday Inn
Batu Feringhi
Penang, Malaysia

As this was our first day in Penang and we were extremely hungry, my family decided to just have lunch at the hotel itself. This cafe is located downstairs near the poolside of the hotel and close to the beach. Hence, my family had a great seaview. It is great to sit and sip cocktails in the summer. But one thing was for sure. I found the flies a bit pesky and irritating, and it was also raining so I had raindrops falling all over my hair. Nevertheless, the experience was quite ok.

The Cafe and Terrace features an international spread of dishes such as Chinese, Indian and Western, as well as Malaysian favourites. I believe that the Western and Chinese do not feature as much for vegetarians, but if you ask the chef to prepare any of the dishes vegetarian, he or she will do so. But, guys, you must NOT miss trying the Indian food (Sorry, I don't have pics of that. I should've taken some). It was one of the greatest meals in Penang.

When we got there, we decided to order:

1. Claypot Vegetables and Rice

I found the claypot vegetables a little burnt but the mixture was done correctly. The vegetables were also soft and overcooked, but fortunately, it gave a great flavour, like caramelised onions. However, the white rice was black from cooking. I found that it also had a burnt plastic taste.

2. Vegetable cutlet and French fries

The cutlet was crispy even though I found it a bit doughy. It was great to serve as an Indian hot snack because of its sour yoghurt sauce. However, I thought it not only lacked spices, it also lacked salt. The fries were also a little soggy, but its saltiness served as a great complement. Yum!

3. Mee goreng (fried noodles)

"Yum, this is one of the BEST mee gorengs I've ever tasted!" exclaimed my dad, who was so surprised and impressed. The sauce is extremely flavourful but for sensitive mouths, do watch out (this sauce is just SO HOT AND SPICY!).

4. Mushroom Soup

I found that the mushroom soup contained a strong flavour, which is usually not present in other cream soups. I quite enjoyed that like pure comfort. I mean, if you drink this soup and sit by the fireplace on a cold winter's day, that's the kind of soup that you'd want to drink. Usually, I hate cream soups. The soup was served with a standard hamburger bun and Amul brand butter, which is so rich. But, I think that instead of hamburger buns, they should serve fresh baguette/ panini/ ciabatta, which would be so tasty.


Rating: 6/10

Reason: I thought that the food in the hotel was not too hot this time. I thought that they were not paying as much attention to this kind of food as they did to the Indian food that Sunday. I also think that they should try to maintain the flavours better and the mee goreng should have been made less spicy.

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