Saturday, 19 March 2011

Evergreen Vegetarian Restaurant (Penang)

39-A Cantonment Road, Georgetown (10250)
Penang, Malaysia
(at near One Stop shopping mall of Pulau Tikus, east of Jalan Burma)

When we got to the restaurant, it was not as great as I expected it to be. I expected a Buddhist air conditioned restaurant, but it turned out to be like a B grade hawker centre. This place is convenient for families who care more about the food than atmosphere. This restaurant had both a la carte and buffet, so it caters to many crowds of vegetarians out there. The main thing that my family and I were worried about was whether the food was cooked or not, as unclean dishes can give you food poisoning.

 But I was truly amazed at what a spread they had for food. It contained lots of vegetarian noodles, mock meat dishes and rice dishes, like pandan chicken and crispy noodles. The spread was so great that I couldn’t make up my mind over what to choose.

Finally, my family and I chose:

1.      Lamb Chops

The moment I cut into the meat, I realised that the texture was not too hard and not too soft either. It was just right. But, I found out that I had to rub off most of the sauce: it was too much and it went with the meat really well. It was barbeque. I found the meat really aromatic and flavourful with herbs.

2.      Crispy Noodles

I found the noodles really thin and crispy and the sauce was simply great. It was clear a lot of oil and MSG had to go into the noodles. The balance of vegetables also made the dish very nutritious and a pleasure to enjoy once in a while.

3.      Char Kway Teow

      The char kway teow was one disappointment in there. My dad and I both found the kway teow burnt and I thought that it was too peppery. I thought something also wasn’t mixed properly and the sauce was also too bland. It was something that really let me down.

4.      Braised Vegetables with Rice

The vegetables were a really unique dish that I tried in there. I thought the vegetables were smoked and burnt, but the sauce was quite okay. This dish is probably something you’d want for convenience.

Bill: The bill came to approximately RM 30 for 4 dishes (roughly SGD12). I found that very cheap for the amazing tastes they have to offer. It is sad that food is offered at a low price can hardly be found.

Rating: 7.5/10

Reason:I rate this place such because I was expecting a higher class ambience and the ambience of the restaurant was not so great. However, if you don’t really care, just go there for the food. It was surprisingly great, and was better than lunch, especially the crispy noodles and braised vegetables with rice which made me miss my home in Singapore even more

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