Friday, 8 April 2011

12/3/11- Lily's Vegetarian Kitchen (Penang)

Address: Plaza Gurney 170-06-01 Persiaran Gurney,
Georgetown - 04-2228222
 Penang, Malaysia

My family and I were really lucky to be able to discover this place while taking a walk down Gurney Plaza. We also discovered that it had another branch in Madras Lane. It was a little stall tucked away in a food court there and it served all sorts of great things to eat. There were rice dishes and a lot of mock meat dishes, like black pepper steak and nasi kandar (I tried the nasi kandar there and that happened to be really good- that was on my last day, where I did not get a chance to take pix. The nasi kandar would be a great choice for you, believe me.)

Since a lot of the stuff is not available late at night, we were limited in our spread. But we still got to order:

1.       Black Pepper Steak

The black pepper steak had a real peppery sauce, but I found the meat quite soft this time. It was more like a mock beef cutlet. Black pepper steak is personally not my thing- but this one was ok.

       2. Rendang Sandwiches

This dish can get a bit messy to eat. But it was great to combine pita bread with a curry rendang (traditional Malaysian curry)- a traditionally unique idea. I personally found it spicy, but I am sensitive to spicy food. It was the best way for a country to convey its own culture to the hundreds of tourists out there.

3.       Crispy Fried Chix (fried chicken)

If you ever want to try Kentucky fried chicken in vegetarian form (no sin), here’s the place to go to. You can tuck into a wonderful reverie of crunch and crispiness. The meat is also very juicy and is a great accompaniment to salty French fries, which are also crispy and thin.

4.       Mee Goreng

I was not too proud of the mee goreng as again it was spicy. But I thought that the flavours were also just right. It combines a fantastic range of spice but it’s oily. Not a good choice for weight watchers!

Rating: 8/10

Why: Since we came late in the evenings, the food tends to be sold out more quicker. Since many like to hang out at Gurney Plaza late at night, there should be more food for late shoppers. However, the food was undoubtedly fantastic.


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