Friday, 28 September 2012

Namastey India Vegetarian Restaurant Review- 21/9/12


Hey guys, it's been a while since I did a review, and for a long time, none of the restaurants were even satisfactory enough before I tried this place. And I swear to God, I can recommend it to all who want something different and are vegetarian.

The restaurant is called 'Namastey India' and is located near Mustafa in Serangoon Road, and trust me, the service is excellent. They treated me and my whole family like royalty, and I felt like a real princess.

This restaurant's ambience is quite cozy, and is completely small and quaint, with a touch of Jain in it. Hindi music such as Sufi rock blasts in the background as families chat till there's no tomorrow...

But the food was a major hit with all of us and I swear to say that everyone was completely satisfied, I mean more than satisfied....

Just to mention a few, we started of with traditional Indian snacks known as 'chaat'. We ordered 2 types; dahi puri (crispy bread shells with yoghurt and spices), as well as pani puri (crispy bread shells with potatoes, lentils and spiced water). Truthfully, I've never really been a chaat person, but it was enjoyable to eat it, because I did have to hide under the table, so that no one would notice my mouth being messy. Shucks! :-D My younger cousins ordered a tomato soup and a corn soup each, and they were raving and ranting about how the soup was so delicious.


But the main dishes were seriously to die for. The puri aloo was a blockbuster hit, measuring up to the standards of my grandma's and giving me floods of memories, with its spicy and fragrant flavour from the potatoes, and the comfort of a hot 'puri' (bread). The chole bhature was also one
of the best I've ever tried and this Punjabi style of chole I've really been craving, as there is a hint of creaminess, sweetness and spiciness that no other restaurant can ever get right. The dosai also just had the correct hint of crispiness and is the 2nd best after another restaurant, but we should have ordered masala.




The other dishes were also really good. Among them was a perfect dum aloo, which had a lovely                                        ALU PARATHA
flavour of tomato and chilli, one of my favourite combinations ever. The potatoes were also cooked to perfection. They also had a corn palak bhaji, which is a bit like my dad's niece's one, with the creamy buttery flavour of the palak and the crispy corn, which added a bit of sweetness to it. However, the peas mushroom was not really up to my standards because I could not taste the flavour properly; it was just like the other dishes, just the correct amount of flavour, but way too spicy (it was totally my fault, the other food was too spicy), but the parathas were really soft and hot, which made me feel very cozy.




Later, I packed back some gulab jamun (fritters in syrup), which my mom just loved (didn't get a chance to try because she finished it all!), and at the end, the gentleman served us a dessert. It was like an equivalent of a sundae, which was called, 'dil khush' (heart happiness in Hindi). It was like strawberry ice cream, with some wafers and other goodies in it, but by then I was so full that I didn't get to try it, and with that, we know that it's true that all good things come to an end, but I will always remember what that gentleman said to us, 'dessert apne dil khush karne ke liye hote hai' or something like that, which means that dessert is there to keep us happy... After all what does 'stressed' backwards spell? :-D

My aunt later paid the bill which including a few Cokes, came up to more than $100, which I think was quite reasonable for a high class Indian restaurant, and I should say that it was a 5 star experience.

Rating: 10/10!


  1. Note: I think an update should be done as to this restaurant... Nowadays, the food quality has gone down quite a lot and the service is quite slow. The rating should now be 6/10

  2. Note: I think an update should be done as to this restaurant... Nowadays, the food quality has gone down quite a lot and the service is quite slow. The rating should now be 6/10