Monday, 30 October 2017

Lunch Box Surprise: Cheesy Burst Pizza

Pizza is a worldwide popular choice when it concerns food choices. Pizza has people's mouths watering at the very mention of it, and it's become something which adapts wherever you go, e.g. Japanese pizza with teriyaki sauce, Indian tandoori pizza, Mexican pizza on a corn tortilla etc.

This one is a special kind of pizza with another sauce inside, bursting with cheesy goodness. Today, you will learn how to make a cheesy burst pizza. Now, while the preparation may be tedious, it's so totally worth it because the taste is one of a kind. Watch the video in the link below & try it yourself today!

Part 1- The Dough-
Part 2- The Sauce & The Toppings-

And here's the recipe...


Yeast: 2 ¼ tsp

Bread flour: 2 ½ cups

Sugar: ½ tsp

Salt: to taste

Olive oil: 1-2 tbsp

Warm water: ¾ cup (about 150-180 ml)

Cornmeal + extra olive oil for dressing


Cheese Sauce:

Whole milk: 2-4 tbsp

Milk powder: 1-2 tsp

Cheese singles: Devondale 2, President 2

Butter: 1 ½ tsp

Hot sauce/cayenne pepper- ½ tsp

Salt and pepper to taste

Italian herbs



Tortilla wrap: 1

Pizza sauce (ready-made): 2-3 tbsp

Mozzarella cheese: ½ cup

Cheddar cheese- 3 tbsp

Fresh basil: 6 leaves
1. First of all, preheat your oven to about 200 deg C. (pls Google the right temp for your oven).
1. Dissolve the yeast and sugar in your lukewarm water and let this stand for about 5 mins.
2. Mix flour and salt. Make a well in the centre and add your lukewarm water to it gradually.
3. Bring your dough together first, by folding in the flour to the wet ingredients. If it's too dry, then you need to add more regular water, but gradually and keep mixing until you get a soft and well-combined dough as shown in the video.
4. Knead your dough until smooth. This should take about 5-10 minutes.
5. Rub a little olive oil on your dough and place it to proof in a warm place for about 1 hour, or until well risen.
How to Proceed:   
1. Knock back dough after it has risen and get all air out.
2. Stretch and roll to desired shape. Keep aside.
3. Grease the back of a baking sheet with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle cornmeal. Place this into the hot oven and let the tray get a bit hot. This should take about 5-10 mins.
1. Warm your milk in a saucepan or microwave and mix in your milk powder. Mix till a little thick.
2. Tear up your cheese slices and add them to the milk. Increase the heat a little and mix well until soft and well combined.
3. Add a little butter, hot sauce, salt, pepper and Italian herbs.
How to Assemble Pizza: 
1. Take your pizza base and spread your cheese sauce on it.
2. Top this with a flour tortilla and spread pizza sauce on the tortilla.
3. Top the tortilla and sauce with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese and basil (or your fav toppings :P)
4. Bake pizza for about 5-10 mins or until cheese is melty.




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